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What is BBT Path

“BBT Path” built by “Build Better Technology” which gives the ability to salesforce admin or business, group their picklist options and show them as path on record detail page.

Sample Use cases

  1. Want to show the Opportunity forecast categories as path on the opportunity record page. Salesforce doesn't support this with out of the box features.

  2. Group the Case status and show them as path on case record page.

  3. Group the picklist options and show them as path for any custom object’s picklist.

Permission Sets

It have two permission sets:

  1. BBT Path Admin User: Assign this permission set to those users who will create the path or configure the path. Like Salesforce Administrator

  2. BBT Path User: Assign this permission set to all those users who will see the “BBT Path” on the record page.

How to Configure Path (Create new Path):

1. Login with the user who has assigned the “BBT Path Admin User” permission set. Most likely salesforce administrator profile.

2. Open the app “BBT Path” app from the App Launcher (the nine dot icon).


3. Click on the “New” button.


4. Select object, record type and picklist field.


5. Click Next and select the picklist options which you want to include in the path.


6. Create groups by entering the “Sort Order”, “Group Name”, Field values which you want to include in that group like this:


7, Click “Next” now to give the name to the path, you can give any meaningful name to the path. Here you will see the preview of the path, if you are good with path preview click on the “Submit” button. Please note that use or to see this path on record detail please check the active toggle.


8. After you have successfully saved the path you will see the newly created path in the path list.


9. Now you need to add this path on the lightning record page. For this go to the Object Manager → Open the object for which you created the path.


10. Select the lightning record page or create a new lightning record page if it’s not created for that object and drag and drop the “BBT Path” component where you want to put on the lightning page in lightning builder.


11. Enter the name of the path which you gave while creating the path or copy the name from the path list from the “BBT Path” app.


12. Save the changes and go back to the record detail page, you will see the BBT Path on the record detail page. 

13. Now click on the step/group which you want to set on that record.


14. Click on the “Mark xxx as xxx” button to update the record and set the field value in the database.


15. After saving the record picklist value updated and now the path showing the selected group option. Wow what a cool visualization of stage groups.

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