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Change the timing of Chatter Digest Email Notification

In salesforce chatter user receive chatter digest email daily or weekly based on their chatter email notification user setting. This email fired on 1AM and there is no standard way to change the timing of this notification.

But salesforce providing a work around for this by using chatter api. To implement this you have to follow these steps :

  • Raise a case to salesforce to enable “Allow API-only Chatter Digests“.

  • After this go to Setup–>Chatter–>Email Settings, select "Allow API-only Chatter Digests" check box and save the setting.

  • Create a apex class which implement the “Schedulable” interface and call the Chatter Api method “submitDigestJob” as following :

  • And schedule this class what ever time you want to schedule it.

Other Important points :

  1. If you want to fire the weekly digest mail then you have to pass “ConnectApi.DigestPeriod.WeeklyDigest” in “submitDigestJob” method.

  2. Daily Digest can only fire one time in 24 hours and weekly digest can only fire one time in 7 days.

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